Getting Started

First time using the TukuToi Documentation, or any of its Software?

You can find everything here. The Documentation is subdivided in "Guides", "Packages", "Reports" and "Indices" sections.

The "Guides" serve as a "User Documentation" and is mostly hand written. It elaborates on each Software usage, changelog, and use cases.
Filters and Actions are also documented for each plugin in a specific section.

The other sections are 100% machine-created directly from the Source Code and serve more as a "Developer Documentation".

If you installed any of the TukuToi Software and need more information on its usage, the best is to start off in the left sidebar "Guides" section and find the relevant Software sub-item.

By clicking it, you will be lead to the particular Software User Documentation, which will usually be subdivided into 4 sections (if available):

  • General How To
  • Actions
  • Filters
  • Changelog

Please note that ShortCodes Documentation is not included in the Guides. Instead, you can find all TukuToi ShortCodes documented here

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