• [Fixed] Uninstall checked on wrong plugin slug


  • [Fixed] Missing Text Domains and some Comments for CPCS Review.


  • [Added] Added a JS method to show/hide items in the GUI conditionally


  • [Fixed] Pass the post content shortcode output thru thecontent filter
  • [Added] fx and fxargs $atts (Custom PHP Function) to Conditional ShortCode
  • [Removed] wpksespost filter from Conditional ShortCode $content


  • [Fixed] Run plugin at init:20 so other (coming later in alphabet) Plugins can hook in


  • [Added] Support to insert ShortCodes in Codemirror


  • [Added] Custom Button Icon
  • [Fixed] Autosuggest was overflowing screen when lots of options where present
  • [Changed] Remove WP Autop on both excerpts and content, at priority 10

1.22.4 =

  • [Fixed] Combobox produced an unwanted value as ShortCode attributes when inserting


  • [Fixed] Load jQuery UI with custo scope for compatibility
  • [Fixed] Loop and Search ShortCodes now insert with closing tags
  • [Added] jQuery Autosuggest instead of select for easier searching of options.
  • [Changed] Several improvements to GUI


  • [Added] Support for Custom ShortCodes inside Attributes
  • [Fixed] Conditional was broken if only TukuToi ShortCode wihout Search and Filters was active


  • [Added] Support Conditionals in Loops, and ShortCodes in attributes in loops, while retaining query capability
  • [Changed] ShortCode declarations now support a inner key, declaring whether ShortCodes is allowed inside attributes


  • [Fixed] Shenanigans with Nested and Attribute ShortCodeds in Loops


  • [Added] Common Code files and logic
  • [Changed] Filter name to preprocess the shortcodes


  • [Fixed] Crazy typo can break everything without even a notice. Inner ShortCodes did not expand anymore.. because of a missing “n” in a variable :)


  • [Changed] All Select Options of the GUI now accept a array as callback array($object,‘method’)


  • [Fixed] Post Terms Info was defaulting to Term ID
  • [Added] Filter to add custom ShortCode Types: tkt_scs_register_shortcode_type
  • [Changed] Moved plugin to init from aftersetuptheme to leave more room for hooks


  • [Fixed] Error in the GUI when calling Select Inputs


  • [Added] Documentation Standards Complying Comments for most of the code
  • [Added] Proper Filter documentation
  • [Removed] Unused Files and Folders


  • [Changed] Completed comments in code, refactored some aspects
  • [Fixed] WPCS Complaints
  • [Added] i18n


  • [Fixed] jQuery Selects where not loading
  • [Fixed] Ugly focus rings are now consistent on all browsers


  • [Fixed] Typos in strings
  • [Fixed] Alignment of Checkbox Options in GUI
  • [Changed] Use Floats when Conditionals are numeric
  • [Changed] Improved GUI with sections of ShortCode Groups
  • [Changed] Improved Conditional ShortCode handling of Floats versus Integers/Strings
  • [Changed] THIS MIGHT BREAK MY OWN THINGS. Moved entire plugin to aftersetuptheme, because otherwise hooks from Themes wont work.
  • [Added] Support for Epsilon in Conditionals when using numbers
  • [Added] Support for Post Type Archive link in Post Info ShortCode
  • [Added] Support for Term Archive link in Term Info ShortCode
  • [Added] Support for Taxonomy Type on Term Info ShortCode GUI
  • [Added] Support for Post and Term (inclusive post term) Type Edit and Archive links
  • [Added] Support for single or double quotes setting in GUI
  • [Added] Support for Conditional Operators Selectable in GUI
  • [Added] Support for Attachment (Image) ShortCode
  • [Added] Support for Rounding Floats ShortCode
  • [Added] 2 new filters that let you add your own Custom ShortCode to the TukuToi Plugin GUI and use its API


  • [Added] Math ShortCode. Yep. People asked for this for 7 years in Toolset. Can’t be that hard.
  • [Fixed] Console error when inserting in Text mode
  • [Fixed] Conditional ShortCode is now autoclosing on insertion


  • [Fixed] All Shortcode are now producing healthy and useful output
  • [Fixed] Added warnings when inserting Post Content Shortcode in a current post
  • [Fixed] Full handling of User Object now possible
  • [Fixed] All ShortCodes in GUI now have explanation where applicable
  • [Fixed] In Text mode now shortcodes append to content instead of replacing content
  • [Fixed] Now textdirection (even if retardedly handled by WP/CP) uses isrtl properly
  • [Changed] Added more meaningful debug logs
  • [Changed] Added custom jQuery UI Theme


  • [Added] Full class management for all GUI elements
  • [Fixed] Issue where shortcodes inserted with memorized attributes
  • [Changed] full class management for validation,sanitization,error handling, declarations
  • [Changed] Version number and readme
  • [Changed] Also did a full test round and refactor/code style polish.


  • [Added] Added ShortCodeGUI


  • [Added] Added Conditional ShortCode


  • [Added] Added Inner and Nested ShortCodes


  • [Added] Added Post, User and Term plus respective meta ShortCodes


  • Initial Commit

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