[Fixed] Uninstall checked on wrong plugin slug


[Added] Support for Custom Taxonomy Queries both in AJAX and Reload.


[Fixed] Missing Text Domains and some Comments for CPCS Review.

= 2.28.3

[Fixed] Undefined pagarg when search is not ajax.

= 2.28.2

[Fixed] Template applied to Loop results got duplicated to other loop results when on ajax/same page


  • [Added] Merge ShortCode Types and declarations instead of overwriting filter argument


  • [Added] Instance is now passed to the tktsrcfltrqueryargs filter so we can target specific loops


  • [Fixed] Search, Pagination Reset and Loop now all act on their own instances if several on same page
  • [Fixed] Mixing both types of search and loop (AJAX and reload) now works smooth with all search inputs and loops
  • [Fixed] Mixing Select2 and non-Select2 on the same search instance now works smooth
  • [Fixed] All localised scripts now load on demand only, and build an object to update, instead of appending objects
  • [Changed] JavaScript is now NameSpaced for localised, but global usage.


  • [Added] Filter type (AJAX or Full page Reload) GUI Option
  • [Added] Custom paginate Links function with liclasses, ulclasses, aclasses, currentclasses support
  • [Added] New ShortCode to display a Spinner or else value during AJAX operations
  • [Added] Reset functionality with native reset type button on both AJAX and Reload
  • [Fixed] Post Query Args posttype was not validated to array if comma separated, but instead just defaulted to text validation (and sanitization). Teaching moment: Luckily all TukuToi Plugins have a standard default fallback for sanitization (sanitizetextfield) or this would have been a securtiy issue, but just a bug
  • [Fixed] Several Select2 instances on same Searh Form are now working
  • [Changed] Several GUI improvements in form of hints and warnings
  • [Changed] Privided method to maybe localise scripts


  • [Fixed] use $.on(‘event’, selector, function()) instead of shorthand $.live(‘event’, function())
  • [Added] Filter to filter the main query after Search and Filter settings are passed to it: tktsrcfltrqueryargs
  • [Fixed] Custom Category Selector for search inputs did not render custom classes even if passed to shortcode
  • [Fixed] Changed query type to be post_tag instead of (wrongly) using tag


  • [Added] Full AJAX Pagination support with dynamically updating pagination links
  • [Changed] Some code refactor and safety additions


  • [Added] Support for Custom ShortCodes inside Attributes
  • [Fixed] Conditional was broken if only TukuToi ShortCode wihout Search and Filters was active


  • [Added] Support Conditionals in Loops, and ShortCodes in attributes in loops, while retaining query capability
  • [Changed] ShortCode declarations now support a inner key, declaring whether ShortCodes is allowed inside attributes


  • [Fixed] Shenanigans with Nested and Attribute ShortCodeds in Loops


  • [Fixed] ShortCodes where not preprocessed
  • [Added] Common Files and logic
  • [Changed] Filter name to preprocess ShortCodes


  • [Added] Added missing shortcode param in the GUI for loop
  • [Removed] Superfluos files
  • [Changed] Definitions class constructor requirements


  • [Added] Added Full Pagination Support for several loops on same page


  • [Added] Added Pagination Support both for reload and for ajax.
  • [Added] ShortCode attributes for loop to determine per-page and custom page var
  • [Added] Support for custom and native pagination vars


  • [Added] AJAX search support for on the fly input
  • [Added] Sanitize $_GET call for AJAX query


  • [Added] AJAX search support


  • [Added] Optional Select2 Support in Select Search Inputs on front end


  • [Added] Full support for User, Taxonomy and Post Select Search Dropdowns
  • [Added] Full support for Select Dropdowns single and multiple type
  • [Added] Fixed the two core functions for user and taxonomy dropdowns and added to a (hopefully temporary) plugin file
  • [Added] Added full support for all possible Post Query Vars


  • [Fixed] Avoid PHP Notice when URL unknown URL param is passed
  • [Changed] Search Template ShortCode is not anymore internal and thus user can insert thru GUI
  • [Added] Search Template ShortCode form has now nice notices about correct usage
  • [Added] Results Loop ShortCode form has now nice notices about correct usage and functioning GUI
  • [Added] Search ShortCodes “Search By” options for post query
  • [Added] Button ShortCodes options


  • [Changed] Using new Plugin structure
  • [Changed] Removed templating system and added in-editor templating
  • [Added] Added ShortCodes for text search and select search
  • [Added] Added ShortCodes for Buttons (Reset, Submit, etc)
  • [Added] Added ShortCode for Results loop
  • [Changed] Refactor, adhere to WPCS


  • [Added] Initial Release

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