[Fixed] Fatal error undefined esc_html_


[Added] Plugin Settings Page (under Admin > Settings > Manage CP Repos) [Added] Setting to add custom GitHub Repositories of Orgs, Users or single Repos. [Added] Setting to store Personal GitHub Token, which increases the API Limits to 5k hourly instead of 60. [Added] Verified Orgs (not users) are pre-selected. A PR can be used to add new Orgs to the vetted list. [Added] Fundations to read remote readme, README, (both in md or txt) files. Currently used ony for below [Fixed] item. [Fixed] Problem where plugins with foldername/distinct-filename.php AND a unguessable Plugin Title could not be managed. [Improved] Make drastically less calls to the GitHub API by re-using already queried data as much as possible. [Improved] Refactored Plugin Code.


[Added] GitHub Repo Sync for (TukuToi) Plugins [Added] Total Page Number on pagination [Added] Improved Error notices [Changed] Moved the “report this plugin” to the left in the cards


[Fixed] Plugins (unless the integration itself) got deactivated after Updating.


[Fixed] Plugin could not update itself. [Fixed] Request-URI Too Long when performing several searches without resetting the search. [Fixed] Unused third argument in AJAX operations removed.


[Added] AJAXified install/activate/deactivate/update/delete buttons/features. [Added] Bottom pagination [Fixed] Design of main search bar


[Fixed] Added fallback for when no mail client is installed on user computer.


  • [Added] Initial Release

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